INDIANAPOLIS – Pacers Gaming, with the best 3v3 record in the NBA 2K League and the No. 1 seed in the playoffs, took care of business Wednesday night with a 3-1 series victory over Knicks Gaming.  The Pacers, now 16-6, will play Thursday evening at 9 PM against Hornets Venom GT to close “Seed Weeks” play for the league.  In-person play in the playoffs and finals will be held at the Pavilion at Pan Am in downtown Indianapolis, August 12-13.

The Pacers got off to a great start Thursday with a 22-16 triumph in Game 1 as leading scorer VANDI (Zach Vandivier) paced the team with 15 points on five-of-six shooting from the three-point arc and three assists.  Center JOMAR (Jomar Varela-Escapa) added five points in the victory.  RADIANT led New York with 13 tallies.  The Knicks came back to take Game 2, 22-17 as RADIANT scored 18.  The Pacers were led by native New Yorker, WoLF (Bryant Colon) with 11 points on five-of-six shooting.  VANDI added six points and five assists.

Indiana went up 2-1 in the series with a 21-15 victory in Game 3 as VANDI (11 points, four assists) and WoLF (10 points) each went for double figures.  The two combined to shoot nine-of-11 from the field.  RADIANT led the Knicks with seven points.  And “perfection” was the name of the game in the clinching Game 4 for Indiana as the Pacers shot nine-of-nine from the field as a team en route to a 22-15 win. WoLF was four-for-four with nine points; JOMAR was three-for-three for seven points and VANDI was two-for-two for five points.  VANDI added five assists.  RADIANT scored all of the Knicks’ 15 points.

Box scores below:

Game 1


Game 2


Game 3


Game 4