INDIANAPOLIS (March 8, 2023) – Pacers Gaming began its sixth season in the NBA 2K League on a down note Wednesday night with two losses in the 3v3 SLAM OPEN group play competition.  The Pacers lost both five-game series 3-1 – dropping games to NBL OZ Gaming (21-13, 19-21, 12-22, 17-22) and Nets GC (21-16, 15-21, 15-22, 17-21).  The Blue & Gold are back in action Friday, March 10 against Raptors Uprising GC at 7:30 p.m.  The Pacers will play five more series in group play next week.

The Pacers captured Game 1 against Australia-based Oz Gaming 21-13 as CHESS (Kory Taylor) went for 11 points on five-of-five shooting while GREENLIGHT (Dylan Sanderson) added six points and JAYSNAGS (Julio Laboy) went for four.  JYDEN had 11 for OZ.  OZ came back and took Game 2, 21-19 despite 10 points from GREENLIGHT and nine points from JAYSNAGS.  JYDEN had 16 in the win.  JYDEN scored 19 in the Game 3, 22-12 win as CHESS led the Blue & Gold with eight points.  Australia won the series with a 22-17 victory in Game 4.  JAYSNAGS led Indiana with eight points while JYDEN scored 20 for the winners.

Indiana won the first game of the series against the Nets, 21-16 with CHESS leading the way with 12 points and four assists.  But the Nets came back to take Game 2, 21-15 behind GREENS with 16 points.  CHESS had 10 in the losing effort for the Pacers.  The Nets took a 2-1 lead in the series with a 22-15 win in Game 3 as GREENS scored 20 and CHESS led the Pacers with 11 points.  Brooklyn closed out the series with a 21-17 win in Game 4.  JAYSNAGS led Indiana with nine points and GREENLIGHT added eight.

NBA 2K League 3v3 SLAM OPEN winners are the first team to score 21, winning by two.