Week 11: Pacers Gaming vs 76ers GC & Hawks Talon GC

Pacers Gaming (8-6) dropped two games and fall to 7th overall in the 21-team NBA 2K League. With Warriors Gaming acquiring the 8th seed after winning THE TICKET tournament, the top 7 teams will make the NBA 2K League playoffs. PCG is in the middle of a heated playoff race with two games left to play.

This week’s doubleheader was against 76ers GC and Hawks Talon GC. After several schedule changes that ultimately flipped the two games and moved several times, Pacers Gaming wasn’t able to pull off a victory and created two must-win games next week against Celtics Crossover Gaming and NetsGC. Both of tonight’s matchups were close until 3rd quarter runs put the opposing teams ahead. Pacers Gaming was able to bring both games to a single possession in the 4th quarter; however, were dealt unlucky plays in each, despite playing solid on the offensive and defensive ends. The final scores do not reflect the closeness of each game, but nevertheless, Pacers Gaming has work to do in the last week of the regular season.

Pacers Gaming will be back in action on July 18th against Celtics Crossover Gaming at 7:00 PM/ET and July 19th versus NetsGC at 6:00 PM/ET. Tune in on the NBA 2K League Twitch or YouTube channels.